How to maintain cleanliness at home every day!

Mornings are for you to spend some time with yourself. You go about your day, with a round of meditation and exercise, treat yourself to a fulfilling breakfast and wonder how to clean your house in a jiffy before you head out to work.

House cleaning might seem like an arduous job, but is relatively simple if you plan it ahead. Cleaning your house daily consumes minimal effort and with easy cleaning tool accessories by Fablas, house cleaning is effortless and highly effective.

Here’s a list of chores that could be done daily, to maintain hygiene of your homes. 

  1. Wash the dishes

Dishes are an indispensable part of our lives. The number of dishes may vary from time to time, but leaving a sink full of unwashed dishes can be unhygienic. For washing delicate crockery and non stick cookware, you can use the Mighty Mesh Non Scratch Cleaner, which is ideal for non scratch cleaning. You can also use our Flash Sponge for cleaning non-stick cookware daily. Flash sponge has a special grade scouring side with aluminium coated synthetic fibre for efficient non scratch cleaning.

  • Wipe the countertops

Countertops are usually the collector of dust particles. Dust has a unique quality of settling anywhere and everywhere, and if it is not removed, it can cause different kind of allergies. Countertops like kitchen slabs, stove tops, table tops should be wiped daily and then disinfected. Our naturally made from Cellulose sponge wipe – Sponge Cloth is anti-bacterial and perfect for scratch free and lint free cleaning.

  • Clean the bathroom

Bathroom is a high traffic area and used multiple times on a daily basis. It is essential to clean the mirror, sink, pot and floor. Since cleaning the bathroom is directly related to maintaining your personal hygiene, you cannot take it casually. For cleaning bathroom slabs, mirror and sink, you can use our long lasting and environment friendly sponge – Trio Colors Cellulose Sponge. We also have a specialized product called Salsa – Bathroom De Scaling Cellulose Scrubber, to clean tiles, ceramics and other bathroom accessories.

  • Mopping the floors

Allergens accumulate on the floors frequently. To remove allergens and soiling off the floor, mopping is an important chore. However, the process of mopping can be made simpler with our two wipers. Floor Wiper and Bathroom Wiper, were made to simplify your life and expedite the mopping process. These wipers have a strong rod with anti-rust lamination and premium quality rubber blades to wipe wet floors instantly.

Keeping your house clean on a daily basis ensures that you keep dust particles away, which helps you maintain your personal hygiene and boosts your immunity system. It also helps in enhancing and purifying the overall environment of your house. For effective daily cleaning of every corner of your house, choose our products.

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