Essentials of Task Cleaning

Coming back to a tidy and clean house is every person’s dream. We fancy the idea of freshly laundered sheets, sparkling utensils, whiter than white toilets and spotless rooms. All of this is possible to achieve if we focus on task cleaning. Task cleaning is nothing but completing one of the tasks, which can either be dusting, mopping or washing, before you move on to the next task. This allows you to clean your house in a systematic manner and more efficiently. Find out how you can effectively clean every part of your house by applying the rules of task cleaning.

  1. Dusting

If dusting is the first chore you want to accomplish, ensure that you dust very section of your house from top to bottom. It is always advisable to dust the top shelves first so that the dust residues that settle on the lower shelves, can be dusted subsequently. Dusting surfaces, furniture tops, cabinets, window sills can help is removing all the dust particles. You can use our Microfibre Lint Free HD Cloth and Wipe N Shine Multipurpose Wipes for effective dusting purpose.

  • Surface Cleaning

Minute dust and dirt particles are not visible to the naked eye, which gives us an illusion of a clean house. Do not get fooled by what may appear to be a clean surface. Cleaning surfaces and disinfecting them is a major part of house cleaning. Cleaning surfaces like counter tops, cabinet fronts, door knobs, furniture may seem daunting but with our range of antibacterial and naturally made sponges like Passe Partout-Cellulose Sponge and Sponge Cloth – 8’S, surface cleaning can seem like cakewalk.

  • Scrubbing

When we hear the word scrubbing, we instantly think of scrubbing utensils. But scrubbing is not limited to only dishes. Scrubbing is also done on floors and tiles, to remove stubborn dirt. Usually this kind of stubborn dirt accumulates on the edges of floor tiles and can be painful to remove. Catering to this particular problem, we have a high power cellulose scrubber called Gratounett Scrubber with stop grease technology for highly abrasive and penetrative cleaning. It can be used for heavy duty scrubbing of pots, pans, kitchen appliances, grills and tiles.

  • Mopping

Sparkling and clean floors is like magic that everyone wants to experience. It might seem like a tedious job but if you have a plan, it can be done with minimal effort. Once you sweep the floor and remove hair and large dirt particles, you can start mopping. High traffic areas like kitchens, hallways and bathrooms require a routine mopping schedule. To make this mopping schedule effortless, we have light weighted Floor Wipers and Bathroom Wipers with premium quality rubber blades for heavy duty spotless mopping. It also allows quick drying.

Now that you have learned how to apply task cleaning to your homes for efficient cleaning, you can visit our website for more information on our range of cleaning tool accessories which will help you practice task cleaning daily, weekly or monthly.

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